One Session
  • High Grade Gel
  • Sonic Gel Activating Light
Double Session
  • High Grade Gel
  • Sonic Gel Activating Light

Fast Results

A brighter smile is only 30 min away its that simple.

Immediate results are guaranteed.

Highly Effective

Our gel formulation successfully removes a wide range of teeth stains caused by acidity in deeply-colored foods, sauces, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, cigarettes, and age.


Our product line is designed to provide the best results and user experience, this is achieved by the use of our U.S. made high grade gels and soft elastic mouth piece


Our success is in our teeth whitening gel. After years of trial and error we have formulated a high grade Carbine Peroxide blend that is highly effect yet sensitive enough on the gums. Our gel is proudly made in the USA under FDA regulations.

Our products are not animal tested

LED Light Activated Technology

LED Light Activated Technology

Our cold LED light accelerator activates our gel’s active ingredient which breaks apart the carbon bonds that create yellow stains in the Dentin below the enamel.

High Grade Teeth Whitening Gel

High Grade Teeth Whitening Gel

To provide an easy, fast and effective teeth whitening system we designed our high grade gel with light-activation technology and deliver it in a soft comfortable elastic mouth piece.

What Kind of Stains Can it Remove?

  • Discoloration from Smoking
  • Coffee Stains
  • Yellowing from soda or food

What Results Can I Expect?

Most of clients see a 5 Shade Instant Improvement

results can vary by client

How long will my results last?

Our patent pending high grade whitening gel is formulated to deliver the best, safe, fast and long lasting results. After our recommended third treatment, typical results last 8-months to 12-months. This however ultimately depend on the clients lifestyle and eating habits.

To maintain that perfect looking smile we recommend brushing after every meal and supplementing with our At-Home Whitening Kit or our On-the-go Whitening Pen.


How do I prepare for my treatment?

  • If needed have a meal, we recommend abstaining from food and beverages (except water) for 2-hours after your treatment.
  • Gently brush your teeth avoid flossing and irritating your gums.
  • Upon arriving at your appointment one of our associate will promptly explain the process and help you get started.
  • Once your treatment (15-Min or 30-Min) has started our system will provide visual and audible notifications to track your progress.

Post treatment recomendations

  • To maximize your result we strongly recommend abstaining from foods and beverages (expect water) for a minimum of 2-hours after your treatment.
  • Please note that minor teeth and gum sensitivity or discomfort immediately after the treatment is normal and temporary.

Pre-sell Questions?

Have a question? Just ask! Leave us a comment with your question and we’ll answer just as soon as we can.


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